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The Australian climate is experiencing unprecedented heatwaves, this year already we have had several consecutive days with temperatures well into the 40s. Our homes can usually keep out the heat for a day or two but eventually direct sunlight on your windows cause the glass to heat up warming the air inside. Awnings and external blinds have UV protection that prevent the sunlight from hitting the glass and heating it up. They will keep your home, office or business cooler while saving you money on airconditioning costs.

At Ballarat Blinds and Curtains, with our range range of external blinds and canvas awnings we can find the right design to suit you and your decor. Please contact us via email or phone us on 03 5331 8840 for a free measure and quote.

We use and recommend products by Ozroll.

Curtains and drapes or blinds and shutters are another great way to keep the heat out of your house this summer. Take a look at out other heat protection solutions.